13 Aug 2018

ODM-101 Odium from Baphominiatures

ODM-101 Odium from Baphominiatures

The ODM-101 Odium is a regional purification platform that towers over opposing forces. Extremely expensive to manufacture and deploy, only the most well equipped PMCs can afford to utilize the design.

An Odium’s mission is to completely secure an area against any organized or perceived threat. To that end, its six superheavy autocannons fire in an alternating pattern to provide non stop firepower without overheating for several minutes. Each shoulder is adorned with a missile bay that can be outfitted with up to ten cruise missiles of a variety of types, enabling the Odium to continue to push opposing forces from a contested area long after they have begun to flee. To render return fire unlikely, its massive dorsal pods can produce a massive electromagnetic pulse every quarter hour (for this reason an Odium is often deployed in isolation for initial contact). Finally, a pair of high caliber machine guns defend its rear arc on a ball mounted turret.

To protect such an investment, the Odium also features some of the heaviest armor plating available and is equipped with a full surface kinetic response system. This enabled the Odium to compensate its immense bulk within milliseconds of significant ballistic impact to help minimize damage.

ODM-101 Odium

ODM-101 Odium picture 2

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