29 Aug 2018

Ancient Warfare XII. 3, Oct-Nov 2018

Ancient Warfare XII. 3, Oct-Nov 2018

We've just sent the latest edition of AW off to the printer. This issue's theme is wide-ranging, as we'll be looking at the concept of armour in the ancient world. We cover early history and development, manufacture, and even armour in a more abstract sense, with a look at the charms and talismans Roman soldiers used to guard against misfortune.

Theme: Armour in the ancient world

Dan Howard, 'The earlier forms of armour - First attempts'.
Gioal Canestrelli, 'Mail armour of the Celts - Gallica'.
Ian Ross, 'Countering Clibanarii at Turin - An invulnerable enemy'.
Simon Elliott, 'Adapting to new opponents - Arms to armour'.
Adam Parker, 'Magical protections in the Roman army - Warding the evil eye'.
Evan Schultheis, 'Arms supply in the Dominate - Mines to Miles'.


Duncan Head, 'Numidian or Moorish cavalry - The cavalry's new clothes'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'Animal pelts in the Roman army - How to dress a standard-bearer'.
David J. Breeze, 'Cavalry on the Bridgeness Slab - Pride in the army'.
Tacticus, 'Taktikè technè, part VIII - Learning to siege'.

Ancient Warfare

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