1 Jan 2018

To Arms! Core Rulebook

To Arms! Core Rulebook

To Arms! is an easy and fast rule set for historical games. This core rulebook focus on the ancient part but the rules can be used for 3000 BC~1865 AD.

The book is written in simple English. It's very easy to read and understand. Diagrams in each key step guide you how to play the game.

The featured Order of Activation makes the game feel like a RTS game. Not I-Go-U-Go, no PIPs. All the troops have chance to move in every turn.

The game length is about 1 Hour. You only need A Tape Measure and Some D6 Dice. Almost no counters or markers are needed. No chart looking, most of the combat is judged by Roll-Off. Figures are individually based and formed in ranks and files. If you want to play with DBx bases, that's also fine. You just need some markers to track the casualty.

We only have 1 page of quick reference sheet.

We also provide the information for new army creating. You can write your own army lists.

Overall, it's a easy and fast ruleset. It's good for beginners. Experienced players can also have funs. To Arms! is not a highly realistic battle simulation but a game of leisure and fun.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to tell me:

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