15 Jan 2018

Miniature Wargames 417, January 2018

Miniature Wargames 417, January 2018

FORWARD OBSERVER: What’s up and coming in (mostly) historical wargaming with reports on Jerwood, Warlord, Deep Cut, Knuckleduster, Timecast and Victrix.

SEND THREE AND FOURPENCE: Part one of Civil War UK ‘79: Scenarios for Black Ops.

[COVER FEATURE] NOTHING MORE GALLANT: Tabletop scenarios for ‘black powder’ period games by Arthur Harman.

EMBRACING CRISIS: The Editor takes his camera to Antwerp.

PIG PEN PANDEMONIUM: The Editor gets scratch-build shed-tastic!

FANTASY FACTS: The usual look-see at the latest news in F&SF gaming with releases from Black Pyramid, GZG, Slave 2 Gaming, Puppets War, CP, Warlord & Crooked Dice.

ALIEN 3: Building the Prodos Aliens APC for the wargames table and more.

STARS AND LASERS: A scenario for shooting the ship out of asteroids.

BAYONET & IDEOLOGY: Giving youth a chance: how to introduce the idea of “Wargaming The Next Generation”...

RECCE: What books to keep and what to ‘re-gift’ to your wargaming friends...

WARGAMES WIDOW: Burning down the house...

WARFARE: The Editor makes a trip to the Reading wargames show.

CLUB DIRECTORY: Find a club in your vicinity and add your club for free!

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