12 Jan 2018

Mission St. Mary

Mission St. Mary


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Mission St. Mary, Lemuria – old when Eden was young, this primal land of adventure beckons you. Ancient kingdoms and European powers vie for control of the land and its peoples. Lemuria is a lush land, yet unforgivingly harsh at times, filled with riches beyond belief. Opportunities for Fame and Fortune present itself at every turn; but will you be brave enough to seize them?

Nobelongga is the eastern gateway to Lemuria. Located on the opposite side of the island continent, away from the civilized side, Nobelongga allows all to enter the continent through Mission St. Mary. Mission St. Mary is the largest Treaty Port on the east coast. It is a town where the European nations have their embassies and conduct trade; all under the watchful eyes and tacit approval of the local Nobelongga tribes.

Mission St. Mary is a stand-alone game that is compatible with Larger Than Life – Director’s Cut, our Pulp Adventures game. It’s an adventure game for use in the Victorian Era (Steam Punk and Colonials) as well as for Pulps. Players can be an explorer, soldier, native, caveman, or even a dinosaur. Inside you’ll find:

• Lists for generating 15 different types of characters for you to use. From Adventurers to Steam Punks, with Cavemen, Cultists, Dinosaurs and much more in between.

• Over 18 Attributes that you can mix and match to make your characters unique.

• A system that allows your characters to increase in skills and abilities when they succeed, but force them into “retirement” when they fail.

• A complete country to adventure in that includes a civilized town, a Lost World, jungles to explore, and rivers to navigate.

• Over 20 Professions to enhance your characters and those you encounter.

• Mechanics that allow Mission St. Mary to be played solo or cooperatively against the game, as well as head to head versus your friends.

• Ten different scenarios that can be played over and over with no 2 ever being the same.

• All this and much more.


It never seemed to stop. Every day was spent dodging the creditors and collectors. You realized you needed a change when they first cut off your line of credit, then canceled your membership to the prestigious Explorer’s Club. True, it was your father’s membership and it took them awhile to realize you were impersonating him, but still.

The steamer rounds the bend and you see it. People are scurrying about the docks in preparation of your arrival. Not for you specifically, but none the less the docks are active. The steamer sounds two sharp blasts of its horn and slowly comes to a stop. Gathering your rucksack you make your way towards the gangplank and a new life. Welcome to …


Wargame Vault

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