5 Jan 2018

2017 Releases Summary from Pendraken Miniatures

All 167 of our releases in 2017!

League of Augsburg
LOA38   Dismounted Command group, tricorn (3 figures + 1 horse)
LOA39   Mounted Command, standing, tricorn (7)
LOA40   Mounted Command, moving, tricorn (7)
LOA41   French Dragoons in fur hats
LOA42   Allied Dragoons in fur hats

PNFL218    William III Dragoon Regiments
PNFL219    Allied Dragoon Regiments
PNFL224    Louis XIV Dragoon Regiments

MAL21    Dismounted dragoons
MAL22    Horse holder with horse (5 pairs)

Great Northern War Flags
PNFL220   Swedish flags, type 1
PNFL221   Swedish flags, type 2
PNFL222   Russian flags, type 1
PNFL223   Russian flags, type 2

Napoleonic Brunswickers
NBW1   Line infantry, march attack 
NBW2   Line infantry, firing 
NBW3   Line infantry command
NBW4   Line mounted officers (5)
NBW5   Light infantry, march attack, inc. comm. (16)
NBW6   Light infantry, firing, inc. command (16)
NBW7   Light mounted officer (5)
NBW8   Leib Battalion 
NBW9   Leib Battalion mounted officer (5)
NBW10   Avant-Garde
NBW11   Hussars
NBW12   Uhlans
NBW13   French 6pdr guns with foot crew (3)
NBW14   French 6pdr guns with horse crew (3)
NBW15   Duke of Brunswick and ADC (2)
Army Pack contains 4 x NBW1. 1 x NBW5, 11, 13. ½ x NBW3

PNFL501   1792 Austrian
PNFL502   1806 Austrian
PNFL503   1815 British, type 1
PNFL504   1815 British, type 2
PNFL505   1815 British, type 3
PNFL506   1804 French
PNFL507   1815 French
PNFL508   1808 Prussian, type 1
PNFL509   1808 Prussian, type 1
PNFL510   Prussian Landwehr
PNFL511   1803 Russian, type 1
PNFL512   1803 Russian, type 2
PNFL513   1803 Russian, type 3

19th Century
1860’s Austrian
AU3   Jagers
AU12   Grenzers

WWI French
F36   FT-17, hexagonal turret, 37mm
F37   FT-17, hexagonal turret, MG
F38   FT-17, round turret, 37mm
F39   FT-17, round turret, MG
F40   FT-17 Command tank

WWII American
AMV1   M4A3(75)W Sherman, 75mm
AMV2   M4A3(76)W Sherman, early 76mm turret, no muzz
AMV3   M4A3(105)W Sherman, 105mm
AMV6   M4A3(76)W Sherman, early 76mm turret, muzbrek
AMV7   M4A3(76)W Sherman, late 76mm turret, muz brake
AMV8   M4A3 Sherman, late HVSS, late 75mm turret
AMV9   M4A3 Sherman, late HVSS, early 76mm, muzbrek
AMV10   M4A3 Sherman, late HVSS, late 76mm turr muzbrek
AMV11   M4A3 Sherman, late HVSS, 105mm
AMV12   M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm
AMV13   M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, early 76mm
AMV14   M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, late 76mm
AMV30   M4 Sherman, 75mm 

British Vehicles
BRV14   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm gun, sand skirts
BRV16   M4A2 Sherman III, 75mm with turret box   £3.00
BRV17   M4A2 Sherman III, 75mm turret
BRV18   M4 Sherman, 105mm gun
BRV21   M4A4 Sherman V, 75mm gun, camo
BRV28   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm, back box, sand skirts   £3.00
BRV29   M4A4 Sherman, 75mm, field armour
BRV30   M4A4 Sherman ‘Firefly’, 17pdr, field armour   £3.00
BRV56   M3 Stuart ‘Honey, mid turret
BRV63   M31 Sherman ARV
BRV65   Sexton SPG 25pdr
BRV101   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, early turret
BRV102   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, late turret

BRA14   25pdr field gun with crew, ammo trailer   £2.80
BRA15   25pdr field gun, 8th Army crew, ammo trailer   £2.80
BRA22   25pdr FG, no muzzle, crew, ammo trailer   £2.80
BRA23   25pdr FG, no muzzle, 8th Army ammo trailer   £2.80

ITA26   M11/39 tank

FRE59   Laffly W15 TCC
FRE60   Renault AMC-35
FRE61   Citroen staff car 

German Vehicles
GRV21   Tiger II, Henschel turret
GRV22   Tiger 2, Henschel turret, with zimmerit
GRV23   Tiger II, Porsche turret
GRV25   Panther A
GRV26   Panther D
GRV27   Panther G
GRV28   Panther A, zimmerit
GRV29   Panther D, camouflaged
GRV31   Jagdpanther
GRV44   Sturmtiger
GRV109   Beobachtungspanzer Panther

Soviet Vehicles
SVV1   T-26 S
SVV24   TT-34 Engineer tank
SVV22   IS-2
SVV21   ISU-152   
SVV20   ISU-122
SVV37   Sherman M4A2, early 76mm turret
SVV38/SCV4   T-26 B 

Modern Vehicles
MDV40   M47 Patton 
MDV41   M41 Walker Bulldog 
MDV42   M26 Pershing, 90mm
MDV43   M45 Pershing, 105mm
MDV44   Separate tracks for turrets (x10)
MDV45   M60A1, 105mm
MDV46   M60A2 'Starship', 152mm + AT missile
MDV47   Centurion Bridge layer with bridge
MDV48   M19 MGMC 
MDV49   M37 SPG 
MDV50   M41 ‘Gorilla’ 
MDV51   M42 Duster 
MDV52   M53 SPG, 155mm Howitzer 
MDV53   M55 SPG, 203mm Howitzer 
MDV54   M59 APC 
MDV55   M75 APC 
MDV56   Centurion Mk 1 
MDV57   Centurion ‘Conway’, 120mm 
MDV58   Oxford Tracked Carrier 

Warband Fantasy Eldritch Vampires
FAN-VAM1   25 x Thralls
FAN-VAM2   25 x Thrall Archers
FAN-VAM3   12 x Mounted Thralls
FAN-VAM4   5 x Vampire Lords
FAN-VAM5   5 x Necromancers
FAN-VAM6   25 x Ghouls
FAN-VAM7   12 x Dire Wolves
FAN-VAM8   25 x Lesser Vampires
FAN-VAM9   25 x Werewolves
Army Pack: Contains 3 packs of Thralls and 1 pack each of Thrall Archers, Mounted Thralls, Vampire Lords, Necromancers and Ghouls, plus 8 x MDF bases. 

Samurai Apes
FAN-APE1   25 x Warriors
FAN-APE2   25 x Archers
FAN-APE3   12 x Tiger-Riders
FAN-APE4   5-man Daimyo Group
FAN-APE5   5 x Shamans
FAN-APE6   12 x Tigers 
Army Pack: Contains 3 packs of Warriors and 1 pack each of Archers, Tiger-Riders, Daimyo, Shamans and Tigers, plus 8 x MDF bases.

Scenery ACW Buildings
SCN-ACW2   Small farmhouse, clapboard
SCN-ACW3   Small farmhouse, timber
SCN-ACW4   Large farmhouse, clapboard
SCN-ACW5   Large farmhouse, stone 
SCN-ACW6   Small barn, timber
SCN-ACW7   Large barn, stone/timber
SCN-ACW8   Lutheran Church (Antietam)

Eastern Front
SCN-EF01   Russian house, type 1
SCN-EF02   Russian house, type 2 
SCN-EF03   Russian house with lean-to
SCN-EF04   Russian house, L-shaped
SCN-EF05   Russian barn
SCN-EF06   Thatched house, type 1
SCN-EF07   Thatched house, type 2 

SCN-EMP2   2 gun emplacement
SCN-EMP3   3 gun emplacement 
SCN-EMP4   Dugout, type 1 (x2)
SCN-EMP5   Dugout, type 2 (x2)
SCN-EMP6   Dugout with tree branches (x2) 
SCN-EMP7   Dugout with stones (x2)
SCN-EMP8   Dugout, wooden board internal (x2)
SCN-EMP9   Dugout, wooden log internal (x2)

SCN-GEN1   Shell craters x 16, assorted sizes
SCN-GEN2   Shell craters x 8, assorted sizes
SCN-GEN3   Artillery markers x 16
SCN-GEN4   Haystacks x 8

MDF Products
SCN-MDF1   Wooden fencing x 10 lengths
SCN-MDF2   Snake rail fencing x 10 lengths

Walls & Hedges
SCN-WLH16   4 x Stone wall, ruined


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