22 Jan 2018

Ancient Warfare XI.6, Feb-Mar 2018

Ancient Warfare XI.6, Feb-Mar 2018

Ancient Warfare XI.6 with Victory for Sparta - Finale of the Peloponnesian War

With financial aid from Persia, Sparta slowly brought Athens down in Attica, throughout its empire, and at sea.

Theme: Victory for Sparta

Seán Hußmann, 'Historical introduction - The Decelean War'.
Giannis Kadoglou, 'Rich man's warfare - The Athenian cavalry'.
Michael Park, 'The miracle of Arginusae - The decline of Athenian naval prowess'.
Paul Bardunias, 'Shifting shield-wall - The flexible phalanx'.


Michael Livingston and Myke Cole, 'Sources to results - Finding Cynoscephalae 197 BC'.
Tacticus, 'Tekne Taktike, part VI - Late Roman cavalry tactics'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'Auxiliary centurions - the forgotten officers'.
Book reviews - A military history of Late Rome and Stilicho - the Vandal who saved Rome.

Ancient Warfare

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