15 Dec 2017

The Great Martian War: Counterattack!

The Great Martian War: Counterattack!

Following the disastrous defeats of 1910, the Americans have fallen back to the line of the Mississippi River.

This is the last natural barrier between the Martian invaders and the utterly vital and vulnerable
cities of the east. To lose the Mississippi Line could well be to lose the war. The Martian commanders know this, as do Theodore Roosevelt and his Chief of Staff, Leonard Wood.

Both sides mass all of their forces for the titanic clash that will come in the summer of 1912. Everyone has a part to play. Frank Dolfen leads his cavalry on risky scouting missions into enemy territory, Rebecca Harding raises a unit of women sharpshooters to defend Memphis, and Andrew Comstock rushes to complete the army’s newest weapons.

But even a war between worlds cannot avoid politics. There is serious disagreement among the Martians about the proper path to victory. And 1912 is an election year in America. Millions of people have been driven from their homes and Roosevelt knows that to win in November it is not enough to just hold the line. They must counterattack! This is the third book in the first trilogy of The Great Martian War.

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