14 Dec 2017

Loads Of New Dugouts Released from Pendraken Miniatures

Once again John at Ironclad has been churning out some more cracking models for us, with 6 new types of dugout now available!  These are all around 50-60mm wide and 35-40mm deep, and each will hold a 30mm wide base.  And at only £3.00 for a pair, they're excellent value as well.

Scenic Items Emplacements

SCN-EMP4       Dugout, type 1 (x2)                    £3.00

SCN-EMP4       Dugout, type 1 (x2)

SCN-EMP5       Dugout, type 2 (x2)                    £3.00

SCN-EMP5       Dugout, type 2 (x2)

SCN-EMP6       Dugout with tree branches (x2)     £3.00

SCN-EMP6       Dugout with tree branches (x2)

SCN-EMP7       Dugout with stones (x2)               £3.00

SCN-EMP7       Dugout with stones (x2)

SCN-EMP8       Dugout with wooden board internal (x2) £3.00

SCN-EMP8       Dugout with wooden board internal (x2)

SCN-EMP9       Dugout with wooden log internal (x2)    £3.00

SCN-EMP9       Dugout with wooden log internal (x2)

We hope you like them!

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