22 Dec 2017

Blood on the Dungeon

Blood on the Dungeon

Blood on the Dungeon is a free expansion for Blood on the Blade that includes everything you need to introduce a classic Dungeon Crawl play in BoTB.

The new rules makes it possible to play a BoTB Scenario using “classic” dungeon tiles (rooms and corridors). Every major fantasy game includes standard dungeon tiles and it’s also very easy to find cheap (or even free) map tiles on the web. Playing BoTB using dungeon tiles provides a different mode of play and can be a fun interlude within your Campaign… of course, nothing prevents you from playing a Dungeon-only Campaign either! Rules cover map making, encounters, traps and treasure.


Dungeon Crawl rules
“The Crypts of Aghamon” Scenario Sheet
Three Dungeon Sheets
Dungeon Denizens sheet
Dungeon Reference Tables
You need the Blood on the Blade rules to use this expansion.

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