11 Dec 2017

The Fourth Interstellar War

The Fourth Interstellar War

The Fourth Interstellar War (ISW4) is a scenario supplement for Third Edition Starfire, based upon the novels "In Death Ground" and "The Shiva Option" written by David Weber and Steve White. The Fourth Interstellar War started when a Terran Federation Navy survey flotilla conducting the routine survey of a new star system in 2360 and stumbled upon a home system of the Arachnid Omnivoracity, which immediately launched a genocidal attack upon all of the known races of the Grand Alliance. And worse, the Omnivoracity had the fleet and resources to succeed. The war lasted 10 years and could only end with the destruction of the Grand Alliance or the Omnivoracity; nothing less was permissible. This supplement includes new rules for gunboats and new technologies for HT6 through HT13.

The Fourth Interstellar War requires the 3rd Edition Tactical Rulebook to play out the scenarios that are included as part of the story line.

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