13 Apr 2017

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, 90, May-Jun 2017

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, 90, May-Jun 2017

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 90 with Technological innovation in WWI

Special Feature: Technological innovation in WWI
Jim Jackman and Guy Bowers, 'Looking at the technical advances in WWI - 1917, a year of revolutions'.
James Morris, 'The Battle fro Fort Vaux and Verdun - Operation May Cup'.
Simon Davis, 'The ideal aerial wargame? - The Battle over Arras'.
Eoghan Kelly, '72 hours in a tin can - The Battle for Fray Bentos'.
James Morris, 'Great Uncle Reg and the Red Baron - Gaming with the ancestors'.
Guy Bowers, 'Recruiting a Great War German army - Melde dich!'.
Rubén Torregrosa, 'Painting a trench raiding scene - A hell of mud'.


Adrian McWalter, 'Defending a position against overwhelming odds - To the death'.
Michael Leck, 'A Russian hero at the Battle of Neva, 1240 - How a prince became a "Nevsky"'.
Mark Backhouse, 'Adventures in a lilliputian world - Gaming Portsmouth in 2mm'.
Alistair Campbell-Grieve, 'Planning a Carthaginian army - It began in Africa'.
Peter Schulein, 'Part I - Making the Twisted Tentacle Arms - From dusk until dawn'.
Rubén Torregrosa, 'Painting a Spanish Colonial army - 1898, Year of disaster'.
Jonas Dahlberg, 'Making realistic smoke markers - Where there's smoke...'.


Miniature reviews
Richard Clarke, 'Up front - What's the point?'.
Henry Hyde, 'Tabletop tactics - Line infantry'.
Mike Whitaker, 'The Irregular - What nobody tells you about running a club'.
Guy Bowers, 'The new fantasy Kickstarter from 4Ground - Let's play Legend of Fabled Arms'.
Mark Backhouse, Eoghan Kelly, and David Davies, 'Game reviews - The War if 1812, Death in the Dark Continent, Pickett's Charge, and Campaign: Sea Lion'.
Parting Shots

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

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