27 Apr 2017

Ancient History Magazine 10, Jun-Jul 2017

Ancient History Magazine 10, Jun-Jul 2017

Ancient kings were quite different from medieval and modern monarchs. In this issue of Ancient History, we explore the concept of ‘royalty’ in the ancient world.

Theme: Royalty in the ancient world

Josho Brouwers, 'Royalty in the ancient world - Historical introduction'.
Eugenia Russell, 'Greek writers on the ideal of kingship - Basileus'.
Guy D. Middleton, 'Mycenaean kings and kingdoms - A great kingdom?'
Matthew Lloyd, 'Royal tombs in the Iron-Age Mediterranean - A grave fit for a king?'
Andrew Calimach, 'A Greek tale mocking all tyrants - Archias and his two boyfriends'.
Joshua Hall, 'The kings of ancient Rome - Between myth and reality'.
Michael J, Taylor, 'The court of Hellenistic kings, 359-31 BC - Friends and parasites'.
Giuseppe Restaino, 'A "golden house" worthy of a king - Domus Aurea'.
Rebecca Batley, 'Role of the empress in second-century Rome - Whore to goddess'.
Josho Brouwers, 'Recommended books on ancient royalty - Beyond the magazine'.


Marc G. DeSantis, 'Of J.R.R. Tolkien and the ancient world - History as inspiration'.
Tang Long, 'The Chinese goddess of life - Nu Wa'.
Holger Michiels, 'The first modern anchor - The two-armed anchor'.
Graham Sumner, 'The Roman army on screen, part 7 - King of Kings'.
Fausto Bica & Josho Brouwers, 'Periander of Corinth, tyrant or sage - Periander'.

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