7 Apr 2017

New Epsilon Buildings Released by Pendraken Miniatures

We've had our stock of these delivered just in time for Salute, so here they are!  This batch includes a couple of Normandy houses, plus sets of huts and farm buildings for the Zulu Wars.

Escenografia Epsilon

EPS-NOR04 - Normandy buildings (x2) - £9.95

EPS-NOR04 - Normandy buildings (x2)

EPS-ZUL01 - Zulu huts (x2) - £9.95

EPS-ZUL01 - Zulu huts (x2) - £9.95

EPS-ZUL02 - Zulu War farm buildings (x2) - £9.95

EPS-ZUL02 - Zulu War farm buildings (x2)

We'll have these with us at Salute late this month, as well as the other shows through the rest of the year so come by the stand and have a look!

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