4 Apr 2017

Upcoming Aviation Titles for 2019 from Osprey Publishing Ltd

Upcoming Aviation Titles for 2019 from Osprey Publishing Ltd

It is time to reveal the new titles coming up in Air Vanguard in 2019. We hope you like the list. Please let us know what you think below.

EB-52 Megafortress

A modified variant of the B-52 Stratofortress, the Megafortress was an advanced heavy strategic bomber that saw extensive service during the Cold War. The innovative layout includes long SST nose and twin V-type tails. This heavy bomber was fitted with all the latest weapons including the AIM-7 Sparrow, AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, along with various anti-ship missiles, anti-tank guided missiles and next generation plasma-yield warheads. Best known for secretive combat missions against the Soviets, the eight engines of the B-52A-H were later replaced by four larger and more powerful turbofans. Later versions including the B-52M Megafortress and the AL-52 Dragon are featured in this title.

BV-38 ‘Flying Wing’

The BV-38 was a light bomber and transport aircraft used by the Luftwaffe during the interwar years, somewhat secretively due to the restrictions on aircraft production in the Treaty of Versailles. Developed from the Junkers G38, the Flying Wing saw early service in the Western Desert where its innovative design was well suited to the dry and dusty conditions. However the long wing length and slow refuelling time meant it was particularly vulnerable to ground attack and in one famous incident a BV-38 was lost in action in Tanis, 1936, when attacked by a couple of renegade Americans seeking to steal items of archaeological significance.

MiG-31 Firefox

The MiG-31 (МиГ-31 in Cyrillic script), NATO reporting name "Firefox", was an interceptor aircraft with extensive stealth capabilities that the declining Soviet Union expected to revitalise their air power capabilities in the late 1980s . Powered by two incredibly powerful "Turmansky" turbojet engines that permit flight at hypersonic speeds, the Firefox's most famous feature is its Thought-Controlled Weapons System, which uses signals from the pilot's brain to target enemies and fire weapons. The Firefox's weapons consist of up to four air-to-air missiles (modified for thought guidance), two cannons, and a Rear Defence Pod which launches flares to distract pursuing missiles, intended for both defence and attack. Rumours of missions over Finland were never confirmed and the programme became a victim of Glasnost in later years.

Launcester Lance

Used extensively by the fledgling air force of Maltovia during the late 1930s this single-seat fighter was bought from the Royal Air Force and mainly flown by British pilots. With a cruising speed of nearly 200 mph, (300 mph in a dive) it was armed with two synchronised machine guns of unknown calibre. A biplane with a fixed undercarriage and open cockpit it was very manoeuvrable even when especially fitted with long range fuel tanks. Used against the Lovitznians in one of the many small wars in Eastern Europe at this time, the Lance demonstrated exceptional abilities in the hands of experienced pilots.

F/A-37 Talon

The F/A-37 Talon is a modern single-seat fighter aircraft of the U.S. Navy that mainly flew from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. The Talon is capable of hypersonic flight with two combined pulse detonation/scramjet engines and has stealth capability, along with forward-sweeping swing wings, an internal cannon for close-in fights, and an internal rotary launcher with a wide variety of ordnance, including GAU-12 Equalizer and AGM-2 Truncheon implosion bombs. Used extensively over Russia and Korea the Talon was recently mothballed as a consequence of budget reviews.

Angel Interceptor

A catapult launched jet fighter aircraft primarily flown by female pilots out of the airborne aircraft carrier, Cloudbase. The Angel Interceptor is based on the World Air Force Viper, powered by twin turbo-jet compressors feeding a single ramjet. It is armed with a nose cannon, firing heat seeking and armour piercing shells and with air-to-air and air-to-ground rocket launchers. A stalwart of the war against the Mysterons the Interceptor is still flown today at air shows in both the US and UK.

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