28 Dec 2016

T-35 Available & More! by Pendraken Miniatures

We hope everyone has had a good Christmas with a suitable pile of gaming goodies stacked under the tree!  We've got a few more presents ready for you here as well, with the T-35 heavy tank now available!  This 5-turreted beast was produced before the start of WWII and remained in service through until 1940.  During Operation Barbarossa, the vast majority of losses were down to mechanical breakdown of the vehicle, rather than any enemy action!  This is a huge model, coming with separate turrets and tracks as well, so we'll be looking forward to seeing some on the table!

Elsewhere, we've added some extra fuel tanks for your T-34's as well as general stowage.  These come in two varieties, the earlier square type and also the single drum used in the later war.

WWII Russian

SV75  Square fuel tanks for T-34's, early style (x10)   £1.65

SV75  Square fuel tanks for T-34's, early style (x10)

SV76  Single drum fuel tanks for T-34's (x10)   £1.65

SV76  Single drum fuel tanks for T-34's (x10)

SV77  T-35  £6.00

SV77  T-35

More releases to follow soon!

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