4 Dec 2016

Pendraken Zoo Now Open!

Although, it'd be quite a rubbish zoo if it was full of cows, sheep and rabbits so maybe it's more like the Pendraken petting farm...?!  The Pendraken Menagerie...?!

Anyway, we've got 9 different farm/countryside animals here ready to be used in all manner of ways.  Fields full of cows and sheep, farm buildings with chickens or geese running wild, dogs on your command bases and rabbits hiding in your hedgerows!  The possibilities are endless!

Scenery Items Animals

SCN-NML1   Cows   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML1   Cows   (x10)

SCN-NML2   Sheep   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML2   Sheep   (x10)

SCN-NML3   Goats   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML3   Goats   (x10)

SCN-NML4   Pigs   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML4   Pigs   (x10)

SCN-NML5   Dogs   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML5   Dogs   (x10)

SCN-NML6   Cats   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML6   Cats   (x10)

SCN-NML7   Chickens   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML7   Chickens   (x10)

SCN-NML8   Geese   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML8   Geese   (x10)

SCN-NML9   Rabbits   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML9   Rabbits   (x10)

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