14 Dec 2016

Progress Report At 6 Weeks from Black Gate Miniatures

Things are starting to move on.

Robi has almost finished his previous commission and will soon be working on the Ogres. He did manage to squeeze in a test model for the Mammoth (picture below, no tusks yet) for the Phase 2 launch in early 2017. I think we will end up with three Mammoth sculpts in total, two for the unit and an armoured one for the character pack. Really looking forward to these.

Test Mammoth Miniature

Test Mammoth Miniature

Next, I have sorted a website, blackgateminiatures.com with a contact email address. The website should go live in January and BGM Store will open in April after the Kickstarter has shipped.

Finally, I have sourced and packaged the base packs. 50 bases for £3. What's left after fulfilling the Kickstarter will be added to the BGM Store. They weigh in at about 70g per pack for those interested in postage costs.

Packs of BGM bases

Packs of BGM bases

That's most likely it for 2016, but have a great Christmas and a merry New Year from all at Black Gate Miniatures.

Ogres forever!


Black Gate Miniatures

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