2 Dec 2016

Lord and Lands Rules

Lord and Lands Rules

Lord and Lands is a fast paced mass battle tabletop wargame. Simple to learn but can be very challenging, with limited command resources it's up to you, the general, to decide where your focus lies on the battlefield. A turn based system which relies on alternate unit activation keeps both players involved throughout the game.

LAL is not scale specific, so any army you posses can take to the field, fantasy, historical or both you can field just about any army list you can conceive. There is an army list creation tool but there are also pre existing lists available here

The army lists include 14 fantasy armies, extensive ancient and  medieval lists, GOT, battle of five armies, lord of the rings, English civil war and samurai. The printed book is available from Lulu.com

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Lord and Lands, Llulu.com

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