31 Dec 2016

M551 Sheridan Released by Pendraken Miniatures

Here's our final release for 2016!  The M551 Sheridan was developed in the late 60's and was first deployed in Vietnam, where 200 saw extensive action in the US armoured cavalry units.  Whilst mobility and reliability were better than the M48 Patton, the Sheridan suffered with a long reload process and could only fire two shells per minute compared to an impressive seventeen for the M48.  After Vietnam, the Sheridan was slowly phased out but was still used in the US invasion of Panama in 1989, and then again in Iraq where 51 Sheridans were among the first AFVs to be deployed.

Modern Vehicles

MDV39   M551 Sheridan     £3.20

MDV39   M551 Sheridan

And that's us all done for this year!  There is a reason for this final, single release, which will become apparent in a few day's time...  But until then, we hope you've all had a good 2016 and we'll see you next year!

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