14 Jun 2018

Some More Vehicles Coming Soon from Pendraken Miniatures

We've had some more vehicles arrive at Pendraken HQ, so here's a quick preview of them!  These will be going into moulds later this month and released probably sometime in July.

Starting with WWII, we've had some conversions done on the revamped Sherman models to give us the Priest SPG and a useful Jumbo tank:

Priest SPG and a useful Jumbo tank

And then jumping forward a couple of decades, Mart has been busy working on some more items for our Modern Vehicles ranges.

First up we've got a pair of self-propelled howitzers, both conversions of the US Walker Bulldog chassis.  The first of these is the M44, adding a 155mm howitzer, which whilst it didn't arrive in time for the Korean War, was used by the US, Britain, Italy, Belgium, Greece and Turkey at various points from 1955 through until 1992.

M44 155mm howitzer

Secondly we've got the M52, this time with a 105mm howitzer.  This one used an enclosed turret instead to provide more protection to it's crew against both conventional and nuclear weapons.  Again, this vehicle was too late for the Korean War but was still used by both the US and Turkey (under the M52T designation).

M52, this time with a 105mm howitzer

And finally we've got a French APC in the form of the AMX-VCI.  This was a variant of the AMX-13 light tank produced from 1957 until the AMX-10P came along in 1972.  There were many different versions of this vehicle made including bulldozers, radar surveillance and mortar carriers, but we'll maybe look at those in the future!  For now we've got three options:


AMX-VTT with turret mounted machine gun
AMX-VCI 12.7 with .50 cal machine gun
AMX-VCI M-56 with 20mm cannon

That's it for now, we'll have more previews coming soon!

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