18 Jun 2018

Daggers pre-order from TTCombat

This item is available for pre-order and will not ship until 29/06/2018. If your order contains other items, none will ship until this item is available



Daggers are silent hunting creatures – Fauna that stalk from the shadows to attack their prey. They inhabit environs across the Cradle Worlds and can lay dormant for years, living off tiny scraps of food for long periods of time.

These dangerous Fauna are available to use in your games of Dropzone Commander, regardless of which faction you play. They inhabit buildings, making occupation an extremely tense idea!

The full unit profile for Daggers along with rules for using non-player Fauna are available in Reconquest: Phase 2.

Kit contains a random assortment of 9 resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled with plastic bases.


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