20 Jun 2018

2018 Top 10 Requests! for Pendraken Miniatures

It's about that time of year again, so here's our updated Top 10 Requests for 2018!  There's not been as many changes this time around, but we've ticked off a few things and there's been one or two updates.

Top 10 Ranges:
1.   Naps in India
2.   War of 1812
3.   1920's/1930's Gangsters
4.   Yom Kippur
5.   Modern Infantry (US/UK)
6.   Medieval Expansion
7.   Modern Insurgents (Afghan/African)
8.   Boxer Rebellion
9.   Renaissance Italian Wars
10. Mexican-American War - NEW ENTRY!

With the Aztecs ticked off, there's an opening in the Top 10 this year and we can welcome the Mexican-American conflict back into the list.  This range has bounced in and out over the years, so we'll keep an eye on it.  The appetite for modern warfare continues to grow with the Afghan and African insurgents jumping a few places to 7th.  We'll be looking to do the Yom Kippur wars in 2019 so that one will be taken care of and we might see about taking on one of the Top 2 to keep the Naps folks happy!  Also, with the Indian Mutiny coming online later this year, it might give us a indication of what the sales might be like on a Boxer Rebellion range...

Top 10 Items:
1.   WWII Italian Artillery
2.   Fantasy Bears
3.   Modern Police
4.   Elizabethan Genitor
5.   Pirates
6.   AWI Wagons/Carts
7.   SYW Ottoman's
8.   WWII Russian 37mm AA
9.   Vietnam Radio Op's
10. Armoured Mongols

We've not made much progress on the Top 10 items this year, mainly due to all of the larger projects we've been working through and also us needing to slow things down a little and have a break from sculpting.  There's only been one change to the list, with the Italian artillery jumping up into the number 1 slot so we'll definitely be getting those scheduled for later this year.  One of our sculptors is working on the Nap Dutch-Belgians at the moment but then we're going to schedule a month of odds and ends so we'll see how many of these we can squeeze into that slot.

The previous Top 10 Requests can be found here

As always, keep the requests coming and we'll do our best to fit them in!

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