5 Jun 2018

10mm Caesarian Roman Army Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures

10mm Caesarian Roman Army Kickstarter

10mm Caesars Army, the army he conquered Gaul with, and the army that crossed the Rubicon and started the bloody civil war.


Many of you will know me from my 10mm ECW kickstarter, but I also have a range of 10mm Napoleonics and WW2 on my website at Lancer Miniatures, We have now  decided, its time to turn the clock back, to the great time of Rome and Caesars Legions, whether they are fighting Gauls or Even themselves you can always find someone to fight against from Spain to Egypt. As usual you will get the figures before they are listed on my website (in fact we dont list anything until all pledges are posted) and at the special price. My usual sculptor is doing these figures for me so no suprises, just look at the US infantry he has done for me, I make my own moulds and do my own casting so this kickstarter is to help with costs to my sculptor, nothing else

Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges, well there shouldn't be any. Martin has made masters for me for eight years now, and mould making and casting is all in house. In the past pledges have been posted within weeks of the kickstarter finishing.

Lancer Miniatures

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