19 Jun 2018

New products in Resin from Pendraken Miniatures

Whilst John at Ironclad is working on some new models for us, we've been sending him some of our metal pieces and getting them done in resin instead.  This gives a nicer product which is easier to work with and is a little cheaper to produce so we've been able to reduce the prices on them.

First up is a set of 3 sandbagged barricades which used to live in our WWII German Misc section, and were priced at £2.95 each (£2.95 a pair on the small ones).  We've got them switched to resin now and reduced in price to £3.00 for one of each type!

Elsewhere, we've taken the WWII German command tents (£2.95 for a pair in metal) and swapped them to resin priced at £2.00 for a pair.  The WWII British pup tents (£2.95 for 5 in metal) are now £2.00 for 5 in resin!

We've got a few more items we'll be moving to resin over the coming months, and we'll also get some pics of the pup tents sorted out soon.

Scenic Items & Terrain


SCN-BAR2    Sandbagged barricades (3 types)    £3.00

SCN-BAR2    Sandbagged barricades (3 types)


SCN-TNT3    Pup tents (x5)    £2.00
SCN-TNT4    Command tents (x2)    £3.00

SCN-TNT4    Command tents (x2)

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