28 Sept 2017

Medieval Warfare VII-5, Oct-Nov 2017

Medieval Warfare VII-5, Oct-Nov 2017

Medieval Warfare VII. with The murder of Charles the Good. The County of Flanders erupts into civil war after Charles is killed. As Bruges falls into chaos, the fight to become the new count begins.

Theme: The murder of Charles the Good

Peter Konieczny, 'How Flanders descended into civil war - A murder, a siege, and too many successors'.
Jeff Rider, '"Let's kill him in the church" - A medieval model for murder'.
Steven Issac, '"Vigils, fights, attacks, and other tasks" - In Bruges goes medieval'.
Peter Konieczny, 'The war according to Herman of Tournai - Chaos in Flanders'.
Erich B. Anderson, 'The rise and fall of William Clito - The Siege of Aalst'.
Jeff Rider, 'The chronicler and the historian - My friend Galbert'.
Peter Konieczny, 'Further reading - Books and articles on Charles the Good'.


James Titterton, 'The "rules of the game" - Deception in siege warfare'.
Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'The sword in the bog - Forged by a god, foretold by a wizard, found by a king'.
Jacob Henry Deacon, 'A salty brain and climbing stairs - Filippo Vadi's martial philosophies'.
Danièle Cybulskie, '"The earth is a source of wonder" - Fantastic beasts and how they kill you'.
Danny Lake-Giguerre, 'A failed French expedition against England - The portable "wooden city" of 1386'.
Dana Cushing, 'Attacked "with siege-engines and arrows" - The Siege of Silves in 1189'.
Murray Dahm, 'Chasing the monster - Beowulf on film'.

Medieval Warfare

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