9 Sept 2017

11 New Post-War/Modern Vehicles Released by Pendraken Miniatures

We previewed all of these last month and Dave's got them through the moulding process quickly and ready for release.  This lot covers a wide period of time, from the end of WWII right through to the 1980's in some cases.  We've got the Gorilla and the Duster, a few SPG's, a pair of APC's and a couple more Centurions as well!

We'll have some of these with us at the Colours show next weekend, but if you'd like to pre-order any for collection just drop us an email.

Modern Vehicles

MDV48   M19 MGMC   £3.00

MDV48   M19 MGMC

MDV49   M37 SPG   £3.00

MDV49   M37 SPG

MDV50   M41 ‘Gorilla’   £3.00

MDV50   M41 ‘Gorilla’

MDV51   M42 Duster   £3.50

MDV51   M42 Duster

MDV52   M53 SPG, 155mm Howitzer   £4.50

MDV52   M53 SPG, 155mm Howitzer

MDV53   M55 SPG, 203mm Howitzer   £4.50


MDV54   M59 APC   £3.50

MDV54   M59 APC

MDV55   M75 APC   £3.50

MDV55   M75 APC

MDV56   Centurion Mk 1   £4.50

MDV56   Centurion Mk 1

MDV57   Centurion ‘Conway’, 120mm   £5.00

MDV57   Centurion ‘Conway’, 120mm

MDV58   Oxford Tracked Carrier   £2.80

MDV58   Oxford Tracked Carrier

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