4 Sept 2017

Ancient History Magazine 12, Oct-Nov 2017

Ancient History Magazine 12, Oct-Nov 2017

Ancient History Magazine 12 with Medicine and healing in the ancient world

In this issue we take a look at medicine, health, and healing across the ancient world, from practical application to the role religion played in healthcare.

Theme: Medicine and healing in the ancient world

Danièle Cybulskie, 'Bringer of good health to the whole world - The arts of Asclepius'.
Julie Ackroyd, 'Dioscorides and De Materia Medica - Recipes for ancient medicine'.
Matthew Dillon, 'Curing the sick for over 1,000 years - Asclepius: the ancient god of healing'.
Wim van Broekhoven, 'Quick fixes for bleeding wounds - First century first aid'.
Sarah K. Yeomans, 'Rimini's House of the Surgeon - An uprooted tree'.
Ghislaine van der Ploeg, 'Medicine in the Roman legions - Healing at the edges of empire'.
Gareth Williams, 'Epidaurus and the Cult of Asclepius - Sweet dreams'.
Glyn Muitjens, 'The creation of female bodies - Hippocratic gynaecology'.
Rebecca Fallas, 'Male infertility in ancient Greece - Not always virile'.
Danièle Cybulskie, 'Suggested reading for this issue - Just what the doctor ordered'.


Sara Brumfield, 'Celebrating beer since 1800 BC - The world's oldest drinking song'.
Seán Hußmann, 'To burn their sons and daughters in the fire - Child sacrifice in ancient Carthage'.
Sidney E. Dean, 'Geography becomes identity - The origins of Rome's seven hills'.
Graham Sumner, 'The Roman army on screen, part VIII - Barabbas (1961) and Pontius Pilate (1962)'.
Jona Lendering, 'Claim: The Jewish Temple was not on the Temple Mount - Sacred space'.

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