3 Feb 2017

Stygian Elf Ballista by Onslaught Miniatures

The Stygian Elves hail from the Bleak and unforgiving Ash Isles - rocky Islands perpetually covered in black ash from a range of violently active volcanoes on the mainland to their east.  This ash blots out the sun, and covers their kingdom in constant darkness.

The Stygian Elves make extensive use of large, rapid-firing Ballistae - launching massive, deadly bolts into the ranks of the enemy, skewering even men in full plate as easily as wild boars.

A Stygian Elf Ballista unit consists of 3 Ballistae, 6 Crewmen, and 3 bolt racks.  The Ballistae can be assembled with a vertical or horizontal bow.

Stygian Elf Ballista

Stygian Elf Ballista picture 1

Stygian Elf Ballista picture 2

Onslaught Miniatures

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