22 Feb 2017

New Tower Blocks by Blotz

One of our regular customers asked us to pull one of our 6mm Tower Blocks over to 10mm (which makes a change as we're in the process of pulling all our 10mm stuff down to 6mm).

While we were at it, we also generated a damaged layer for the building too.

3x3 Tower Block (Undamaged) (B10-CS-015) price: £11.00

3x3 Tower Block (Undamaged) (B10-CS-015)

3x3 Tower Block (Damaged) (B10-CS-016) price: £10.00

3x3 Tower Block (Damaged) (B10-CS-016)

Extra middle sections (B10-CS-262) price £4.00

We were also given a gentle prod by our friends over at Wargamers Den who requested a 5" length of single carriageway Flyover/Overpass - so here it is....

Code: B10-RD-158 - price £2.00

Code: B10-RD-158

All are now available on the Blotz website.

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