26 Feb 2017

Full Captain 10mm Tactical Naval Rules plus Ships & Crews

Full Captain 10mm Tactical Naval Rules plus Ships & Crews

The name of the rules derives from the British Royal Navy of the time, where an officer would have a service rank, but not necessarily a command or ship. Until the officer had a command, he was "on the beach" and on half-pay. A commander who was promoted took the service rank of captain but, until he was given a command or “posted”, he remained on half-pay. Once the captain was given a command, his name was "posted" in the London Gazette.

An officer "took post" or was "made post", being referred to as a post-captain or "Full Captain", when he was first commissioned to command a rated vessel - a ship too important to be commanded by a mere commander. Unrated vessels could also, in some cases, be commanded by Full-Captains.

Once an officer had been “promoted” to Full-Captain, his further promotion was strictly by seniority of service; if he could avoid death or disgrace, he would eventually become an admiral.

Full Captain is a Tactical Naval Wargame rule set, designed to play actions between small groups of ships or individual ships. The game is specially designed for our 10mm Naval figure Range, which allows gamers to use our model ships and include miniatures to represent guns and crew members.

The historical period covers the convulsive times of Piracy in the Caribbean, the birth of the “Hearts of Oak” and the great Ships of the line, to its decline with the advent of steam ships. Full Captain allows players to re-create the bloody boardings of the famous pirate “Black Beard”, the coastal actions of Privateers and smugglers against the Revenue authorities of various nations, as well as small engagements between single ships, ranging from Gunboats to big 74-gun ships of the line.

Players can play the legendary actions of the British, French and Spanish Navies, the newly-born US Navy, Pirate vessels, and much more. This is a very new and different concept for wargaming in the naval sphere.

The game includes miniatures, ships and is a partially card-driven game with a special events system that will bring the fog of war and the whims of the sea to naval combat.

The game will come with a selection of cards for the ships, the crew and a special set of Letters of Marque Cards that are designed to introduce unexpected and unpredictable events and actions of the kind that often happened historically in sailing and naval combats. Most cards are of benefit to the player but some contain a sting.

The game has been designed in 10mm scale with wooden Laser-etched easy-to-build ship kits, all designed from original plans. All ships come complete with a set of dowel rods to fit as masts and spars and 10mm metal miniatures and guns are available to complete your model.

Our Kickstarter project includes 5 pledges, all of them designed to provide the rules and cards plus sufficient ships and crew to play a full game regardless of the pledge, from simple gunboats to big 74 gunners.

Risks and challenges

Post Captain is a very special concept in naval wargaming. With 10mm scale ships, and brand new rules, using mechanics from our earlier naval rules systems and very special developments we have created an essentially new game.

We have set out to evolve our earlier naval wargaming concept with new rules and new ship designs. All our ships are based on original plans, and the miniatures are sculpted as the result of deep research into naval uniforms.

We have chosen 10mm as the scale that will allow players to play with “big” ships but with a reasonably sized game table.

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