3 Jul 2016

T-34 variants Released by Pendraken Miniatures

The expansion of our Modern Vehicles range continues and this time we've got the Egyptian and Syrian variants of the popular T-34 tank.

This interesting trio all saw action during the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  First up is a pair of Egyptian conversions which initially fitted the Soviet BS-3 100mm gun into modified T-34/85 turrets (named the T-34/100 or T-100) and then later on the D-30 122mm howitzer instead (named T-34/122 or T-122). This resulted in some slightly odd, but eye-catching pieces of kit.  Whilst they were an effective conversion, the WWII era hulls were found to be lacking against more modern ammunition and these tanks were subsequently used in more defensive positions instead.

On the Syrian side, they took the same 122mm Howitzer and fitted it without the turret instead.  The crew would stand on the platform at the back when firing the gun.

Modern Vehicles

MDV31 - Egyptian T-34/100 (T-100)   £3.20

MDV31 - Egyptian T-34/100 (T-100)

MDV32 - Egyptian T-34/122 (T-122)   £3.20

MDV32 - Egyptian T-34/122 (T-122)

MDV33 - Syrian T-34/122   £3.00

MDV33 - Syrian T-34/122

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