12 Jul 2016

Dark Age Huts Available from Pendraken Miniatures

The range of 10mm pre-painted buildings available from Escenografia Epsilon has been expanding rapidly over the past year or so, and this month we've got a new pair of Dark Age round huts for you!

These look great and could easily do duty in several other periods/genres as well, so should appeal to a lot of folks.

EPS-DAS02 - Dark Ages huts - £9.95

EPS-DAS02 - Dark Ages huts

These can be found in the Epsilon section of our website, along with all of their other great buildings: We'll have stock of all of these with us at the shows, starting with Claymore in August, then Border Reiver and Colours in September.

Epsilon produce a variety of products in other scales as well, so it's always worth having a browse through their website:

Pendraken Miniatures

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