4 Jul 2016

New Roman and Gaul Ranges Released by Pendraken Miniatures

We previewed these so long ago a lot of folks might have forgotten about them, but they're finally here!  These ranges were bumped to the backburner far too many times, so apologies for that.  Now that they've arrived though, they look great and we hope you like them!

Imperial Romans

AIR1   Legionaries with sword/pilum

AIR1   Legionaries with sword/pilum

AIR2   Auxiliaries with sword/pilum

AIR2   Auxiliaries with sword/pilum

AIR3   Auxiliary bowmen

AIR3   Auxiliary bowmen

AIR4   Foot command

AIR4   Foot command

AIR5   Cavalry with spear

AIR5   Cavalry with spear

AIR6   Mounted General   £0.50

AIR6   Mounted General

AIR7   Ballista with crew (4)

AIR7   Ballista with crew

AIR8   Catapult with crew (1)

AIR8   Catapult with crew

AIR9   Marian Legionaries

AIR9   Marian Legionaries

AIR10   Eastern Legionaries

AIR10   Eastern Legionaries

AIR11   Praetorian Guard

AIR11   Praetorian Guard

AIR12   German javelinmen

AIR12   German javelinmen

(all priced at £4.95 except mounted general)

1st/2nd C. Roman Army Pack - 3 x AIR1. 1 x AIR2, 3, 4, 5.
Eastern Roman Army Pack - 3 x AIR10. 1 x AIR4, 5, 12, ARR8.
Marian Army Pack - 3 x AIR9. 1 x AIR3, 4, 5, 12.
(All priced £31.00)


AGA1   Celtic warband

AGA1   Celtic warband

AGA2   Fanatics (gaesatae)

AGA2   Fanatics (gaesatae)

AGA3   Foot command

AGA3   Foot command

AGA4   Celtic archers

AGA4   Celtic archers

AGA5   Slingers

AGA5   Slingers

AGA6   Heavy cavalry

AGA6   Heavy cavalry

AGA7   Chariot with crew (2)

AGA7   Chariot with crew

AGA8   Heavy infantry

AGA8   Heavy infantry

AGA9   Light cavalry

(all priced at £4.95)

Gallic Army Pack - 3 x AGA1. 1 x AGA3, 6, 7. 1/2 x AGA4, 5 - £31.00

Pendraken Miniatures

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