14 Nov 2018

The Final Set Of Lissa Ships Have Now Been Released from Pithead Miniatures

The final set of Lissa ships have now been released by Spithead, this has been a big project for us and I am pleased that it has come to fruition and grateful to all those who have supported the project. The Lissa series comprises of 8 sets of ships.  It  has  represented  a big investment for both ourselves and for our customers who have supported it.  I feel it has all been worthwhile as the opportunity of owning a full set of the ships for this fascinating battle will probably never happen again.

Austrian second division

This final set of ships represents the wooden warships of the Austrian second division commanded by Anton van Petz  who although out gunned and out armoured  he led his wooden warships in a line straight through the centre and rear Italian Ironclad divisions and although his flagship Kaiser was badly damaged  she survived the action to sail into Vis harbour for after battle repairs . The Kaiser was so well founded that she would later become an Austrian Ironclad carrying the same name.

Spithead plan to introduce some Prussian and Danish warships at a later date that can be used in conjunction with the  Austrian frigates contained  in this ship set .

If you would like more  information on these models or  a full list of Spithead products then contact us at vanilla55@sky.com

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