9 Nov 2018

10mm US Infantry & Heavy Weapons from Timecast

We now have the US infantry and heavy weapons on the website and available to order online.

US1. US Infantry Command, Officers, NCOs and Radio Operators (8 models - 3 x officer, 3 x NCO,
2 x radio operator) £1.30

US2. Riflemen with M16  and Grenadier with M203, Advancing, kneeling and prone poses (8 models - 6 x M16 2 x M203) £1.30

US3. Machine Gun Teams (MG with Bipod), Prone firing Bipod Mounted MG ( 4 teams - 8 models)£1.30

US4. Dragon ATGM Teams, Sitting firing, kneeling setting up (4 teams - 8 models) £1.30

US5. Rifleman firing 66mm LAW, Kneeling firing (8 models) £1.30

US6. Machine Gun Teams (MG mounted on Tripod),  Prone/kneeling firing Tripod Mounted MG ( 4 teams - 8 models) £1.30

US7. 81mm Mortar and crew, 2 mortars and 6 crew plus 2 man FO/MFC team (10 models) £1.50

US8. TOW ATGM & Crew,  TOW ATGM Launcher, complete with 3 man crew (Gunner, Asst/Gunner and Ammunition Carrier) ( 2 ATGM and crews) £1.30

US9. Stinger SAM Teams, Standing firing (4 teams - 8 models) £1.30

US10. Engineers, Engineers with demolition and mine clearing equipment.
(8 models) £1.30

US11. Casualty Marker, Casualty figure (8 models)  £1.30

Painted US Figures

Painted US Figures picture 1

Painted US Figures picture 2

Painted US Figures picture 3

Painted US Figures picture 4

In addition, the first US vehicle, the M1 Abrams, is entering production and will be available shortly. The M1 is a mixed mediacasting, with the hull and turret pressure cast in Polyurethane resin and
the gun barrel and other small parts cast in white metal.

M1 Abrams

All of these models will be officially released at the Warfare show at Reading in week or so.

Finally, after numerous problems with the moulds we have remastered the BTR-60PB and are now casting this model in the Polyurethane resin (with a white metal turret). The model is now available to order online and will be available at Reading.


Best wishes

Mark and Barrie


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