11 Nov 2018

Humber Pig & ZSU-57 Released from Pendraken Miniatures

We've got some more additions to our Modern vehicles range with the Humber Pig and ZSU-57-2 released and ready to buy!

The Humber Pig was a lightly armoured truck used by the British army from the 1950's through to the early 1990's.  With around 1700 produced, this vehicle is probably best known for its usage in Northern Ireland in the 1970's.  There were also some quite fun conversions, including the Holy Pig (rooftop hatch with perspex screen), Squirt Pig (water cannon), Flying Pig (extending riot screens) and Kremlin Pig (wire screens for RPG protection)!

The ZSU-57-2 was a self-propelled anti-air gun built on a modified T-54 chassis.  Developed in the mid-1950's and still in use today, over 2000 of these were produced and saw action in Vietnam, Yom Kippur, Yugoslavia and the Gulf War.  They were still in use during the recent Syrian Civil War as well.

Modern Vehicles

MDV64    Humber Pig      £2.95

MDV64    Humber Pig

MDV65    ZSU-57-2      £3.50

MDV65    ZSU-57-2

Next up is those Napoleonic Dutch-Belgians, should be ready before we head off to Warfare!

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