28 Feb 2018

Update 25: Post Kickstarter Update 11 · 10mm Ogre Mammoth Riders from Black Gate Miniatures

The last day of February 2018.

As with most things in life everything, the road runs seldom straight. This week sees "The Beast from the East" causing havoc in the UK. Schools closed, kids off and sub zero temperatures all day and night.

I have taken this opportunity to work indoors. My workshop is not heated or insulated and is pretty cold at the best of times. That has also allowed me time to get my mould can repaired, it has be suffering from wear and tear. Things should get back to normal next week and I will crack on with the production of the Greenlings and Junk Lobba.

This week has also seen the first 10 backer packages shipped. Everyone who didn't order Greenlins or Junk Lobbas should have received a PayPal invoice for their P&P. My intention is to ship within 24 hours of receipt of the PayPal payment.

A few people have requested to have their order split and shipped in two parts. This might prove too expensive to do for places that suffer customs charges, however, if you want me to split your order and ship everything but the Greenlings and Junk Lobba now, then I am happy to do so. This week is a great opportunity to do it as I am kind of trapped indoors anyway!

Rid has painted up some more stuff and I have attached some pictures below. Thanks to him as ever.

Painted Junk Lobba

Painted Junk Lobba

"Free" Big Boss and the 4th Yeti and Savage Kin models

"Free" Big Boss and the 4th Yeti and Savage Kin models

 It will be nice to start seeing pictures of the Ogres appearing on the web as people finally get their hands on them. Almost there now, just need to get these Greenlings and Junk Lobbas sorted.

Speak to you next week.

Ogres forever!


Black Gate Miniatures

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