23 Feb 2018

Resistance Is Futile v4 Sci-fi Wargame Rules

Resistance Is Futile v4 Sci-fi Wargame Rules

Resistance Is Futile v4 Expanded and radically revised!

Resistance Is Futile v4 Sci-fi Wargame Rules, Fast and fun game play, revamped morale and control rules, flexible units, heroes; usable with 40k or other sci-fi armies, includes optional background fluff!


THIS IS THE fourth version of the rules, which have radically changed and developed to be virtually an entirely new set. What’s changed? There's been lots of minor developments, but also fluid rules for unit coherence which combined with new unit morale rules work in a unique way. If your grizzled captain leading a unit of conscripts is shot, you could be in trouble!

Shooting has been revamped into a quick and easy system, both for direct and indirect fire. Sequence of play is much more flexible, vehicle and monster hits have variable results, going prone, suppression and overwatch rules have been integrated, etc.

Finally, and while certainly optional since you can use whatever game universe background you like, we’ve beefed up the fluff about our own universe. There are numerous lists giving examples of various troop types which you can use as they are, or as examples to show you how to create troop profiles for you own wargame armies.

BONUS! When ordering the PDF version you will be sent the 72-page full colour version and a 72-page print-friendly version. The rules also, in addition, come with quick reference sheets to ease game play.

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