24 Feb 2018

Missile Threat Solo Rules & Mercenary Air Campaign

Missile Threat Solo Rules & Mercenary Air Campaign

This book gives you everything you need to play Missile Threat solo and to play the Mercenary Air Campaign.

The Solo Rules:

These include all the rules needed for solo games, as well as random aircraft tables for every conflict and faction covered in Missile Threat. Random Ground Asset and Naval Vessel tables are also included. The solo game relies on regular playing cards to generate unknown hostile aircraft and ground assets, so prepare to be surprised!

The Mercenary Air Campaign:

Manage a group of fictitious Mercenaries as you purchase aircraft and ordnance, select missions, get paid and attempt to survive! This campaign runs on the basic Missile Threat rules, and is aimed at solo play but can easily be a co-operative game. Players start with a selection of pilots and a pool of funds and must purchase aircraft and ordnance from a weapons market. They then use what they have to fly available missions and if they succeed: get paid.

The Mercenary air campaign is all about the "rule of cool" - you won't be limited to light attack aircraft, but rather any aircraft around in your chosen theater, period and faction. The campaign uses the Complete Aircraft & Ordnance List provided with the Missile Threat rules, and allows you to buy and fly many of the more unusual or lesser used aircraft from the last 60 years, as well as the regulars.

The Mercenary air campaign has 3 difficulty options, ranging from easy mode with 4 pilots and a sh*tload of cash, to the hard mode of a lone wolf pilot with the last of his savings.

There are 5 different periods to choose from: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s+

Each period has 5 different theaters to play in: Balkans/Eastern Europe, Central/South Africa, Middle East, South America, and South-East Asia

Each theater has 2 factions you can work for: Either the government or the rebels.

In this way there are 50 different options for playing the campaign. You could be working for the rebels in South America in the 1990s, or working for the government in the Middle East in the 1960s. Each option has a customized random aircraft and ordnance table to reflect the period, theater and alignment. That's 100 D66 tables!

This book is designed to supplement the Missile Threat main rules, which can be purchased here:

Wargame Vault

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