26 Nov 2016

The Armored Fist: Combined Arms Combat in the Second World War

The Armored Fist: Combined Arms Combat in the Second World War

Armored Fist: a rule system for squad and individual vehicle all-arms combat during World War Two.

Suitable for company to battalion-sized actions during the Second World War, this system can simulate both infantry and combined arms operations and give realistic outcomes to combats early and late in the conflict. Simulate the real tactical choices that confronted commanders in every period of the conflict.

Core concepts are the alternating player turn, detection, defensive fire during the active player’s movement, and unit cohesion. This game is related to Modern Armor, a simulation of post-World War Two combined arms combat.  The figure scale is a single vehicle or squad of infantry, with a turn covering (very) roughly five minutes of combat. The rules are written to allow hex or map measurement, with one unit of distance equaling 50 meters. Typical scale is 1”=50m as a decent compromise between the scale of micro-armor figures and playing spaces.

Included in this title:

Complete Rule System, including vehicle and equipment charts
Combat Tables
Game Counters and Artillery Templates
Quick Play and Historical Scenarios covering 1939 to 1945

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