29 Nov 2016

Progress Report from Black Gate Miniatures

So four weeks after the Kickstarter funded and what is happening behind the scenes at Black Gate Miniatures?

Firstly, I have commissioned Robi Baker to sculpt the remaining 19 miniatures which will complete the Warriors, Armoured Warriors and Cannoneers. Orders have been placed for the dice and bases. When the stuff starts to arrive I will post up pictures of them.

I have also taken advantage of this lull in activity to start planning the Phase 2 Kickstarter. Due for early 2017, it will bring to life the Ogre Mammoth Riders and hopefully some characters too. The funding goal will be modest (£500) and Christian Schwager is drawing up some Shaman concept art for the Character Pack Stretch Goal.

Thanks again to everyone who backed the project.

Ogres forever!


Black Gate Miniatures

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