30 Nov 2016

New Dropzone Commander Buildings from Plast Craft Games

Plast Craft Games has now expanded upon their ColorED terrain range, providing you with a collection of pre-coloured terrain pieces, to now include the 10mm battlefields of Dropzone Commander!

Dropzone Commander Terrain (Main)

As you can see their new collection of buildings allows you to create a shining city, an example of humanity’s prosperousness as they head towards the stars. It also makes it the perfect target for a Scourge invasion.

DZC Terrain #1

There’s a wide variety of different building types for you to choose from here including some that are similar in shape and style to buildings we would see on the streets nowadays.

Then, you have those massive triangular structures with the bridge crossing over the road immediately stepping things up and taking us towards the futuristic.

DZC Terrain #3

As well as some neat examples of the buildings having those extra layers to them promoting different design choices, the additional levels add to the way you play the game as you’ll be positioning your troops up on those bridges and rooftops looking down at the battle going on below.

DZC Terrain #4

We do particularly like those triangular buildings although the one with the sloped sides you see in the image above here has a decidedly Cyberpunk feel to it. It looks like something you’d have seen in the world of Blade Runner.

DZC Terrain #5

DZC Terrain #6

This building here with the small helipad on the top floor means that you might be leading some extraction missions from there. The terrain, coming basically ready to play, means that you immediately start thinking of the gaming possibilities and we’re thinking up quite a few!

Now you just need to think about how you’d ‘ruin’ this terrain when the Scourge takes over. We think lots of overgrown vegetation would be a big help as it reclaims those shining glass buildings.

Plast Craft Games

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