17 Nov 2016

More ECW releases by Pendraken Miniatures

We've got a little trio of ECW releases for everyone this month, adding some more useful little items to this range.  First up, we've got a replacement General for our EC13 code, as the old chap had seen one too many battles and was looking a bit worse for wear.  He'll be suitably retired to a crumbling castle in Northumberland...  Next we've added a couple of labourer types with their barrow, ready to build some gabions.  These are now occupying the previously discontinued EC22 code (which used to be cavalry command for those interested!)  And finally we've got a group of civilians to add some flair to your ECW towns/villages!

English Civil War

EC13   Mounted General , type 1   £0.50

EC13   Mounted General

EC22   Labourers/pioneers (5 sets)   £2.50

EC22   Labourers/pioneers (5 sets)

EC42   Civilians (4 sets)   £4.95

EC42   Civilians (4 sets)

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