4 Aug 2016

Tiger II & The T-35 by Pendraken Miniatures

Martin's been working hard on loads of new vehicles for us and this month we've got some crackers!

Tiger II

First up we've got the Tiger II (or King Tiger), with both 'Porsche' and 'Henschel' turrets as well (although both were Krupp designed).  The curved Porsche turret came along first, with around 50 built, then production switched to the Henschel type and continued for a total production run of 492.  A lot more were planned and ordered, but Allied bombing disrupted the production line.


Next is the gargantuan T-35, a massive multi-turreted affair that came along in 1935 and was still present in the early stages of WWII.  Due to its size, most of the 61 built were lost to mechanical failure, but it still managed to see combat during Barbarossa and the Battle of Moscow.  A single remaining T-35 is still in running condition at the Kubinka Tank Museum.


And finally we've got a quick pic of the Jagdpanther (minus its tracks!), converted from the Panther chassis with the 8.8cm gun from the Tiger II.  Over 400 were produced in the latter stages of the war, as a bigger and more powerful alternative to the Nashorn.

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