31 Aug 2016

SOTCW Journal 88, 31 August 2016

SOTCW Journal 88, 31 August 2016

I am pleased to announced that Journal 88 has just been published in print and PDF formats.


Subscription News – Information for the next subscription of The Journal
The War in Angola – Some interesting Ambush Scenarios for modern games
Hungary's Red Army – The 129 day Army – March-August 1919
March on Madrid – A Campaign of the first 100 days of the SCW*
Meet The Members – Secretary Phil Gray
Notes on the Great War – Rob Morgan's continuing WW1 series
The Battle of Annual – 22 July 1921 – colonial warfare in Morocco
Harry Lime and the Sewer Police – An idea for a wargame underneath Berlin
The Chinese Civil War – A look at the war between 1927 – 1950
Ghosts of the East – Fictional Soviet vehicles
Modelling a Blocao for the Rif – A simple conversion of resin terrain
Pistol Popping! – A discussion of handgun usage in wargames
Two or Three Shermans to build – A kit review and build


The Armoury – Reviews of 15mm – 28mm Wargaming vehicles
Rules of War – Reviews of Wargame Rules
Little Warriors – Reviews of figures and animals in all scales
Bookshelf – Book Reviews
Rob's Rearguard
All members will now need to resubscribe to the Journal for the next six issues. Details in the magazine or on the website.

We are moving to a bi-monthly magazine and if you subscribe now you will get an additional 10% off. Yes that's right 6 issues in PDF format only £6.30 GBP


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