15 Jul 2018

Korean War - Part 2 Released from Pendraken Miniatures

In a slight change to the scheduled programming... we've got the South Koreans next!

The Brit Commando radio operator sustained a moulding injury so we've sent him off to the medic to get him fixed up.  He'll be back with us next week and we'll get the British range ready for release next weekend instead.  We didn't want to leave you hanging though, so we've bumped the South Koreans up the queue and here they are!  As with the US and Chinese ranges released last week, we've got a nice selection of infantry here, along with mortars, command and artillery crews.  Guns for the latter will be along later in the year.

Once again, our thanks go to Sunray for all of his help and advice on this range.

Korean War South Korea, ROK

KSK1   Advancing with rifle

KSK1   Advancing with rifle

KSK2   Standing, firing rifle

KSK2   Standing, firing rifle

KSK3   Standing, firing M1 carbine

KSK3   Standing, firing M1 carbine

KSK4   Standing, firing M3 SMG

KSK4   Standing, firing M3 SMG

KSK5   Kneeling, firing rifle

KSK5   Kneeling, firing rifle

KSK6   Prone, firing rifle

KSK6   Prone, firing rifle

KSK7   Prone, firing Browning

KSK7   Prone, firing Browning

KSK8   60mm with crew

KSK8   60mm with crew

KSK9   81mm mortar with crew

KSK9   81mm mortar with crew

KSK10   Throwing grenade

KSK10   Throwing grenade

KSK11   Throwing satchel charge

KSK11   Throwing satchel charge

KSK12   Radio operator

KSK12   Radio operator

KSK13   Officers

KSK13   Officers

KSK14   Artillery crew

KSK14   Artillery crew

KSK15   Casualty

KSK15   Casualty

(Packs contain 10 figures @ £1.75 unless shown otherwise.)

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