25 Jul 2018

Ancient History Magazine 17, Aug-Sep 2018

Ancient History Magazine 17, Aug-Sep 2018

The latest edition of Ancient History is off to the printer. This time around, we're taking a look at Cleopatra's Egypt. From what we actually know about this misunderstood queen, to issues facing the kingdom at the end of her rule, this issue is a great one for fans of Hellenistic Egypt.

Often misunderstood by future generations, the last queen of Ptolemaic Egypt ruled over a land where the wealth and survival of both commoners and kings was tied to the yearly flooding of the Nile River.

Theme: The kingdom of Cleopatra

Ilana Krug, 'Introduction to the theme - The Rosetta Stone'.
Dorothy J. Thompson, 'Papyri and politics - Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt'.
Peter Konieczny, 'Dealing with pirates and tourists - Policing the Nile'.
David L. Reinke, 'Hollywood Romans - The eternal pop culture queen'.
Joseph Manning, 'Egypt and the Nile River - Decline of the Ptolemies'.
Karolina Anna Kulpa, 'Literary sources for the Egyptian queen - Cleopatra VII through Roman eyes'.


Carole Raddato, 'Where Cleopatra met Mark Antony - Exploring Tarsus'.
Alexandra Grigorieva, 'Cato the Elder and Roman baking - Preserving pastries of the past'.
Jona Lendering, 'Why care about ancient earthenware - Sturdy survivors'.
Hareth Al Bustani, 'Man of the devil or man of the people - Paul of Samosata'.
Richard W. Field, 'Parallels with heroes and the Pythia- Katabasis and Anabasis in Plato'.

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