4 Aug 2017

The Plastic Soldier Company doing 10mm ??

So a preview and a question.

And after a mad management meeting we managed to steal this pic of the upcoming Leopard 1 in development. The render gives some idea of a few of the options in the kit!

Now for the question... Our mad and benign ruler Will, has come up with a mad idea to do moderns in plastic. but I'm 10mm too! Not just 15mm and 20mm.

He has this mad idea for big forces of tanks, AFVs and infantry, all in plastic, in little 'units in a box' packages for Battle Group Northag along with a huge game in a box with the rules and two armies.

We think he has finally lost the plot. but we'd be interested to know what you guys think of gaming Cold War big battles in 10mm plastic.

I'm now off to take my medication after that meeting.

German Leopard 1A3/A4, Canadian C1 A3

The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd

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