8 Aug 2017

Medieval Warfare VII-4, Sep-Oct 2017

Medieval Warfare VII-4, Sep-Oct 2017

Medieval Warfare VII.4 with The Battle of Hattin.

Fought on July 4, 1187, Saladin’s victory over King Guy of Lusignan paved the way for the reconquest of Jerusalem.

Theme: The Battle of Hattin

William J. Purkis, 'The sign of the cross on his forehead - Did Crusaders get tattoos?'
William E. Welsh, 'The rise of the Ayyubids - Saladin's apprenticeship in Egypt'.
Andrew Latham, 'The geopolitics of the Medieval Middle East - Was it just Crusade and Jihad?'.
Erich B. Anderson, 'Victory before the fall - The Siege of Kerak'.
Robert C.L. Holmes, 'Ayyubid military organization under Saladin - Family, finance, and faith'.
John France, '"Give the lie to the Devil" - The Battle of Hattin'.
John Hosler, 'The consequences of poor strategy - Saladin's post-Hattin malaise'.
Kay Smith and Ruth Brown, '"Millions of meandering lines" - Of swords, steel, and Saladin'.
Michael S. Fulton, 'The wedge between Egypt and Syria - The Crusader castle of Montreal'.
Rosie Weetch, 'The museum of the Order of St John, London - Bearers of the Cross'.

Steven Isaac, 'A pirate-monk in the English Channel - The Battle of Sandwich'.
Patrick Eickman, 'Miracles, visions, and St. Barbara's head - Teutonic Knights and PTSD'.
Murray Dahm, 'An invisible clash - The Battle of Hatting on film'.

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